Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you faster and to find specific parts for your appliance, we need to know your model and serial numbers.

Your model number will be listed on a plate or sticker.

It's location varies across appliances but it is usually found behind the door, either on the inside of the door ( don't forget to check near the hinge ) or on the door frame of the cabinet.

If you still can't find it, then you might need to check the sides and back of the machine.

Cash, VISA, MasterCard and EFTPOS

Service calls require payment at time of visit, unless prior arrangements have been approved.

Payment for parts is required before ordering.

Yes, we are fully qualified and licenced in the air-conditioning, electrical and refrigeration industry.

Our licence details are L036246, EC22515 and RTA AU16079.

More more details on licencing refer to and NSW Fair Trading - Electrical.

As part of our duty of care, we recommend having your spare parts installed only by a licenced service agent.

Installing parts yourself may void your warranty or even be against the law in your state.

Many modern appliances perform self diagnostic health checks.

When your appliance determines that something is out of the ordinary or broken, it will use these tones to advise what might be going wrong.

For your fridge it could be as simple as the door being left ajar, or more significant such as a failed component.

Your thermostat may need checking or your door seals replaced.

You should replace door seals if they are damaged.

Your drain filter may be clogged.

Open the filter and clear any foreign objects that may be there. Remember to refit the cover firmly.

Carefull! Sharp objects may be caught in the filter and beware of any trapped water.

Your lint filter might be blocked and in need of cleaning.

There also may be insufficient air flow in the room.

Generally clothes dryers perform better in a well ventilated room.

Damaged filters are a potential fire hazard and your machine should be service asap.

Possibly the appliance's belts need checking.

This should be performed by an authorised service agent.